May 25, 2018


Feel free to download AirTraf.

Please note, that AirTraf is in beta testing, therefore developers of the product are not responsible for any computer and or operating system failures AirTraf may cause. Download and install it on your on risk.

The Latest version of the product can now be found at: Elixar, Inc. (download AirTraf-1.0)

Older versions: AirTraf-0.5.0 | AirTraf-0.4.0 | AirTraf-0.3-4 | AirTraf-0.3-1BETA | AirTraf-0.2-1BETA | AirTraf-0.1-0BETA

Please note that the below driver for 'Aironet' is "optional" for enabling signal strength measurements, and are NOT required to operate AirTraf in normal mode.

Aironet -airo-linux-mod-airtraf-0.1

For prism2 support, visit the Host-AP driver developed by: Jouni Malinen

PrismII -host-ap driver page

There are no other utilities available for download at this time.

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If you have any questions about AirTraf, make sure you visit our Documentation section.

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